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Monday, 27 August 2012


Estrogen & Androgen Receptor

It has also been demonstrated that estrogen can increase the concentration of androgen receptors in certain tissues.This was shown in studies with rats, which looked at the effects of estrogen on cellular androgen receptors in animals that underwent orchiectomy . According to the study, administration of estrogen resulted in a stinking 480% increase in methyltrienolone binding in the levator ani muscle . the suggested explanation that estrogen must either be directly stimulating androgen receptor production, or perhaps diminishing the rate of receptor breakdown. Although the growth or the levator ani muscle is commonly used as a reference for the anabolic activity of steroid compounds. It is admittedly a sex organ muscle, and different from skeletal muscle tissue in that is possesses a mush higher concentration of androgen receptors.This study however did look at the effect of estrogen in fast-twitch skeletal muscle tissues as well, but did not note the same dramatic increase as the levator ani. Although discouraging at first glance, the fact the estrogen can increase androgen binding in any tissue remains an extremely significant finding, especially in light of the fact that we know androgen to have some positive effects outside of muscle tissue.

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