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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Muscle Gain

Anabolicum vister (quinbolone)

Anabolicum vister is an oral anabolic steroids that was produced in the 1970's by the parke davis company peculiarly this product was only sold in italy, and never had much commercial success outside of this country. The active substance in this product is quinbolone, which is an oral form of the anabolic steroids boldenone. As such is chemically identical to the vaterinary steroids equipoise except in this case the boldenone base has  a 17beta cyclopentenyl (enol) ether attached istead of an undecylenate ester, The ether functions very much like an ester however, increasing the fat solubility of the compound and protecting it form metebolism.While esterified boldenone was designed as an injectable medication, here the similarly structured ether was used as a means to increase the oral bioavaibility of the hormone.
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The effects of this drug would likewise be characteristics of that reported with equipoise androgenic side effects are not very prominent when boldenone is taken in moderate deses, except among sensitive individuals anabolicum visiter would therefore not cause many problems in terms of estrogenic side effects, and gynecomastia would not be a big concern for the user.

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