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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Health Benefit

Ways to Make Water Taste Better

Many packaged drinks are quite expensive.The cheapest drink out there is water.The main reason that people do not drink water is that it is tasteless and not very"fun" to drink.on the other hand, water is definitely healthier than soda, so now there is an entire category of packaged drinks that is basically bottled buying these, there are many things you can add to water at home to make it more exciting to drink


Blueberries and strawberries have distinct flavors that can be soaked up by water. All you have to do is cut or crash a few of the berries into your water.


I saw this at a spa I went to in Hawaii. A water dispenser was half filled up with cucumber slices, and the water dispensed tasted very refreshing and smelled a bit like cucumber. 
of course, any of these things could also be added to soda water if you want to make your own lightly flavored soda. since you can mix and match the ingredients any way you want, the possibilities are really endless.


Adding vinegar to water is similar to adding citrus. you will get sour water that has vitamin C. When i was a Kid, I liked adding apple cider vinegar to water before drinking it.


Mint, lemongrass, and parsley are great for adding aroma and a hint of green to your water. If you want to release the flavour, you can crush the plants a little before putting them into your water.


If you like spices, ginger is a great way to add a "zing" to your water. If it is added to boiling water, it is a great way to clear your throat and sinuses during a cold.

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