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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Steroids use cardiovascular side effects

What is LDL and HDL cholesterol?

the use of anabolic/androgenic steroids may have impact on the level of low density lipoprotein. High density lipoprotein. high density lipoprotein and total cholesterol values. As you probably know, HDL is googd cholesterol. it can act  remove cholesterol deposits from the arteries. LDL has the opposite effect. LDL buildup of cholesterol in the arteries walls. the effect of steroids use is a lowering of HDL concentrations, while LDL cholesterol numbers increase. The ratio of HDL and LDL is usually more important than one`s total cholesterol count, if these changes are seen by the long-term use of steroidal compounds, it can clearly detrimental to the cardiovascular system.This may additionally heightened by a rise in blood pressure, which is common with the use of strongly aromatizable compounds.

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The Level of HDL and LDL 

it is also to note that due to their structure and form of administration, most 17 alpha alklayted oral steroids have a much stronger negative impact on these levels compraed to injectable steroids. using a milder drug like Winstrol(stanozolol), in hopes HDL level changes wil also be mild. may threfore not turn out to be best option. One study comparing the effect of a weekly injection of 200mg testosterone enenthate vs only a 6mg daily oral dose of winstrol makes this very clear. After only six weeks, stanozolol was shown to reduce HDL and HDL-2(Good) cholesterol by an average of 33% and 71% respectively. The HDL reduction (HDL-3 subfraction) with the testosterone group was only an average of 9% LDL (bad) cholesterol also rose 29% with stanozolol, while it actually dropped 16% with the use of testosterone. Those concerned with cholesterol changes during steroid use may likewise wish to avoid oral steroids, and option the use of injectable compounds exclusively.
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