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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hormones levels


Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone.It is manufactured by the Leydig`s cells in the testes at varying amount throughout a person`s life span.The effects of this hormone become most evident during the time of puberty,when an increased out out of testosterone will elicit dramatic physiological changes in the male body. This includes the onset of secondary male characteristics such as a depend voice, body and facial hair growth, increased oil output by the sebaceous glands, development of sexual organs, maturation of sperm and an increased libido. Indeed the male reproductive system will not function properly if testosterone levels are no significant. All such effects are considered the masculinizing or "androgenic" properties of this hormone. The adult male body will manufactured between 2.5 and 11mg per day. while females only produce about 1/4 mg. The dominant sex hormone for women is actually estrogen, which has a significantly different effect on the body, Among other things, a lower androgen and high estrogen level will cause women to store more body fat, accumulate less muscle tissue.

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