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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Mechanism of testosterone

The actual mechanism in which testosterone elicits these changes is somewhat complex.When free in the blood stream, the testosterone molecule is available to interact with various cells in the body. This includes skeletal muscle cells, as well as other skin, scalp, kidney, bone, central nervous system and prostate tissues. Testosterone binds with a cellular target in order to exert its activity, and will therefore effect only those body cells that posses the proper hormone receptor site (specifically the androgen receptor). This process can be likened to a lock and  key system, with each receptor (lock) only being activated by a particular type of hormone.During this interaction the testosterone molecule will bound to the intracellular receptor site forming a new "receptor complex". This complex will then migrate to the cell's nucleus where it will attach to a specific section the cell's DNA, referred to as the hormone response element. This will activate the transcription of specific genes, which in the case of a skeletal muscle cell will ultimately cause an increase in the synthesis of the two primary contractile proteins action and myosin (muscular growth). carbohydrate storage in muscle tissue may be increased due to androgen action as well.In the kidney, this same process works to allow androgens to augment erythropoiesis (red blood cell production).It is this effect that leads to an increase in red blood cell concentrations, and possibly increased oxygen transport capacity, during anabolic/androgenic steroid therapy.Adipose fat tissues are also androgen responsive, and here these hormone support the lipolytic fat mobilizing capacity of cell. This may be accomplished by an androgen-tied regulation of beta-adrenergenic receptor concentrations or general cellular activity through adenylate cyclase .We also note that the level of androgen in the body will closely correlate with the level of stored body fat.As the level of androgenic hormones drops, typically the deposition of body fat will increase .

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