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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Anabolic effects

Direct & Indirect Anabolic Effect

Although testosterone had been isolated, synthesized and actively experimented with for many decades now, there is still some debate today as to exactly how steroids effects muscle mass. At this point in time the primary mode of anabolic action with all anabolic/androgenic steroids is understood to be direct activation of the cellular androgen receptor and increase in protein synthesis. As follows, if we are able to increase our androgen level from an external source by supplementing testosterone or a similar anabolic steroid. we can greatly enhance the rate in which protein is retained by the muscles.This is clearly the primary cause for muscle growth with all anabolic/androgenic steroids.As our hormone levels increase, so does androgen receptor activation, and ultimately the rate of protein synthesis. But others indirect mechanisms could possibly affect muscle growth of the normally understood androgen action on protein synthesis. An indirect mechanism is one that is not directly brought about by activation of the androgen receptor, but the affect androgens might have on other hormones, or even the release of locally acting hormones or growth promoters inside cells.We must remember also that muscle mass disposition involves not only protein synthesis, but also other factors such as tissue nutrient transport and protein breakdown. We need to look at androgenic interaction with these factors as well to get a compete picture. concerning that first possibility, we note that studies with testosterone suggest that this hormone does not increase tissue amino acid transport. This fact probably explains the profound synergy bodybuilders have noted in recent years with insulin, a hormone that strongly increases transport of nutrients into muscle cells. But regarding protein breakdown we do see a second important pathway in which androgens might affect muscle growth.

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