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Friday, 24 August 2012

IGF growth

Testosterone and IGF-1

It has also been suggested that there is an indirect mechanism of testosterone action on muscle mass medicated by Insulin-Like Growth Factor. to be more specific, studies note a clear link between androgens and tissue release of 15 and responsiveness to, this anabolic hormone. For example, it has been demonstrated that increases in IGF-1 receptor concentrations in skeletal muscle are noted when elderly men are given replacement doses of testosterone 15. In essence, the cells are becoming primed for the action of IGF-1 , by testisterone. Alternately are marked decreases in IGF-1 receptor protein levels with androgen deficiency in young men. It also appears that androgens are necessary for the local production and function of IGF-1 in skeletal cells, independent of circulating growth hormone and IGF-1 levels17. since we do know for certain that IGF-1 is at least a minor anabolic hormone in muscle tissue. It seems reasonable to conclude that this factor, at least at some level, is involved in the muscle growth noted with steroid therapy.

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