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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Aggression steroids side effects


Aggressive behavior can be one of the scarier sides to steroids use. Men are typically more aggressive than women because of testosterone, and likewise the use of steroids (especially androgens) can increase a person`s aggressive tendencies. In some instances this can be a benefit, helping the athlete hit the weights more intensely or perform better in a competition. Many professional powerlifters and bodybuilders take a particular liking to this effect. But on the other hand there is nothing more unsettling than a grown man, bloated with muscle mass, who cannot control his temper. A steroid user who display an uncontrollable rage is clearly a danger to himself and others. If an athlete is finding himself getting agitated at minor things during a steroid cycle, he should certainly find a means to keep this from getting out of hand. Remembering to take a couple of deep breaths at such times can be very helpful.If such attempts prove to be ineffective, the offering steroids should be discontinued. The bottom line is that if you lack the maturity and self control to keep your anger in check, you should not be using steroids.

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