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Friday, 7 September 2012

Effets of steroids

The action of testosterone can be in ways both beneficial and detrimental to the body. On the plus side, this hormone has a direct impact on the growth of muscle tissues, the production of red blood cell and overall well being of  the organism. But it may also negatively effect the production of skin oils, growth of body, facial and scalp hair, and the level of both "good" and "bad" cholesterol in the body. In fact, men have a shorter average life span than women, which is believed to be largely due to the cardiovascular defects that this hormone may help bring about.Testosterone will also naturally convert to estrogen in the male body, a hormone with its own unique set of effects.As we have discussed earlier, raising the level of estrogen in men increase the tendency to notice water retention, fat accumulation, and will often cause the development of female tissues in the breast (gynecomastia).

 Clearly we see that most of the "bad" side effects from steroids are simply those actions of testosterone that we are not looking for when taking a steroid. Raising the level of testosterone in the body will simply enhance both its good and bad properties, but for the most part we are not having "toxic" reactions to these drugs. A notable exception to this is the possibility of liver damage, which is a worry isolated to the use of c17-alpha alkylated oral steroids. Unless the athlete is taking anabolic/androgenic steroids abusively for a very long duration, side effects rarely amount to little more than a nuisance. 

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