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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Low Level Testosterone

gradually with age, about 1 percent a year after men reach the age of 40. At 70, men generally have about half of what they had in their 30s. with less testosterone , sexual function and motivation decrease, muscle mass shrinks, fat deposits grow, bone lose density and are more susceptible to breakage, and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes rises. Men with low levels of the hormone are also more likely to develop Alzheimer`s disease and to suffer heart attacks or strokes. New evidence suggested that, for some men, returning testosterone to previous levels can help war off medical problems including osteoporosis, heart attacks and depression.
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 TRT Therapy 

Testosterone has been studied since the turn of the last century and cyclically hailed and dismissed as a wonder cure.Grober says emerging research on TRT supports claims of its long-term benefits and safety for men. Indeed, part of the controversy today is the legacy of the junk science that promoted testosterone as a "cure" for homosexuality, frigidity in women and loss of male vitality. More recently, it`s been linked to athletes and bodybuilders who"juice up" with the hormone to increase muscle size and endurance. There`s also anxiety around TRT because estrogen replacement therapy has resulted in an increased incidence of cardiovascular disease and increased cancer risk in some women."But men are no like women in this, Testosterone was bad for the heart and circulation, and that it was thought to increase prostate-cancer growth. we now know these things are not true.
Current research shows that restoring testosterone levels can have remarkably beneficial effects on men`s health. TRT is warranted only when there are clear symptoms of testosterone deficiency, which is generally seen only in men 45 and older. If there is depression, lethargy and loss of libido and muscle mass, ad a blood test confirms low testosterone, than TRT is justified. But you have to be monitored and checked every three months. If there`s mental and physical improvements in this first time period, another three months of treatments are warranted.
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Kevin Jackson said...
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Tahsin khan said...

Thank you! You often write very information articles Testosterone Therapy . You improved my mood.

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