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Friday, 25 January 2013

Estrogen in Men

Anti-Estrogen and the Athlete

So what does this all mean to the bodybuilders looking to gain optimal size? Basically i think for a cautions approach to the use of estrogen maintenance drugs if mass is the key goal. Obviously it there is a clear need to use anti-estrogen due to the onset of estrogenic side effects, then they should be used, or even the drugs administered substituted for non-estrogenic compounds. Gynecomastia is certainly an unwanted problem for the steroid user, as are noticeable fat mass gain. But if these problems have not presented themselves, the added estrogen due to a cycle of testosterone or dianabol for example might indeed be aiding in the buildup of muscle mass. An individual confident they will notice, or are not prone to getting, these side effects may therefore want to hold off using estrogen maintenance drugs so as to achieve the maximum gains in tissue mass as possible.

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