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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Gain Weight

Andriol(testosterone undecanoate)

Andriol is a unique oral testosterone product, developed by the international drug firm Organon. Ome of the more recently developed anabolic steroids, This compound contains 40mg of testosterone undecanoate, based in (oleic acid) and sealed inside a capsule. This design os steroids is quite different from that of most oral steroids. Drug administered orally generally enter the blood stream through the liver. When a steroid compound is given way without some form form of structural protection, it will  be quickly broken down during the first pass. On paper this drug seems like an ideal oral testosterone product. clean, safe and worlds apart from other  oral testosterone derivatives like the crude methyltestosterone. But as we always hear in life, if it looks to good to be true. it probably is.240mg of testosterone ester daily, the primary male androge. When doses go higher, maybe 8-10 casules (320-400mg), new muscle growth is slight to moderate at best, but no credible bulky gains are ever reported. Testosterone is a powerful hormone no matter what the ester or form of administration. if it were active in the blood stream, the results would have to be pronounced. When one injects an oil based testosterone ester like cypionate, a dosage of 400mg per week is more than sufficient. 400mg Andriol per day should be packing on an incredible amoumt of mass.

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