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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Mass building Steroids - Laurabolin ( nandrolone laurate)

laurabolin is a popular trade name for the oil based injectable steroid nandrolone laurate. this sterois is a pronounced anabolic, with only moderately properties. As this is a nandrolone product, the effect is comparable to that of  Deca-Durabolin nandrolone deconate. Aside from the releasing the same steroid hormone the two products also stay active in the body for a very similar peroid of time. Both compounds are extremely long acting, the deconate ester sustaining a notable release of nandrolone for about three or four weeks while laurabolin should remain active the full four the laurate ester is only two carbon atoms longer.Deca-Durabolin is generally a human use item while laurabolin is exclusively used in veterinery medicine.
side-effects like oily skin, acne, body facial hair growth and hair loss therefore occur much less frequently than it using an androgen such an injectable testosterone, Androgenic effects can still become apparent with nandrolone all anabolic androgenic steroids however, but usually only when high dosages are used. laurabolin and Deca is also not the real ideal for female athletes. the much faster acting Durabolin should be preferred, as with it blood hormone levels are easier for the user to control.

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laurabolin also display a relatively low tendency for estrogen conversion. this is because in many active sites of aromatase activity such as adipose tissue, nandrolone interact poorly with this enzyme. the liver remains as the primary sites of aromatization for nandrolone, as tissues here are shown to aromatize both it and testosterone with similar effciency, consequently estrogen related side effects are generally not a major concern with this steroid. the possibility for gynecomastia cannot be excluded however, but is usually only seen among very sensitive individuals or those taking very long dosages. water retention may appear with this, steroid to some extent, but again, is usually only a mild occurance when the drug is taken at normal therapeutic levels. in the unlikely event that estrogen related side effects become too pronounced during a cycle, the addition of proviron and Nolvadex should prove to be more than a sufficient remedy.

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