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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

How to Loss Weight With Moringa?

While weight loss fads come and go - sometimes something happens that might actually be useful in the fight against the battle of the bulge. Moringa, a plant of the plant Moringa oleifera, which is native to India and Uganda shows unusual promise.

Behen also known as the Indian horseradish or drumstick grass comes from the moringa leaves, roots and branches slender plant, which resembles a tree if left to grow to its full height. Moringa leaves are usually harvested, dried and ground into a powder to make supplements that are widely available from online or in health food stores. Moringa leaves are also considered a particularly nutritious when steamed and eaten in the same way you want to eat spinach.

I'm not a scientist, but Moringa seems to work for me so far. Through trial and error, I developed my own weight loss program moringa. I'm not one to put me to death from starvation or radically change my lifestyle, so moringa had to adapt my lifestyle - and not the opposite. In this article, I will share how I use moringa and even how I let them grow.

tea weight loss

how to use moringa for weight loss?

After reading dozens of comments from people who have used the Moringa and found it beneficial for weight loss, I decided to try it myself. You must understand that I am not a person who rushes into anything so I decided to order seeds and develop my own moringa. That was over two years ago and I had to wait until spring to plant the seeds.

This is my second season for growing moringa, and I detail how to grow below, but right now, I'd like to share how I use moringa and how it helped me lose a few pounds.

I started to pick up some new leaves of my plants and munching on them. They do not taste bad, but they do not taste the chocolate either, so I experimented with additional ways to eat the grass. I dried - I ground it - I added it to soups and I finally installed on making my own moringa tea formula.

You can use the grass dried moringa that Amazon sells, you do not have to develop your own if you do not want to wait a few months to start moringa regime.

Making Moringa Tea Every Day

I do my moringa tea every night before going to bed and I put it in the fridge to drink the next morning. I pour 2 cups of boiling water over 2 teaspoons of dried leaves of Moringa. I use a tea infuser ball, because I do not want to force tea later. I make my tea in a glass jar Ball.

After the liquid cools I put the lid on the jar (I let the brewer in the pot) and pop the jar in the fridge...

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